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Hello! I'm an audio engineer located outside of Chicago. I started recording roughly 15 years ago, beginning with documenting my own writing as a multi-instrumentalist and eventually progressed to recording and producing regional artists. Over the course of a decade, I played drums, bass, and guitar in various groups around Chicago, as well as trumpet and french horn. While I still often perform on productions, those formative years as an active musician helped inform and shape the engineer I am today.

In 2019, I partnered with acclaimed acoustician, Jeff Hedback, to design a mixing/mastering suite, and again in 2022 to build my current studio. The combination of Jeff's clever design and the installation of Dutch and Dutch's advanced speaker technology resulted in a room that translates accurately and is a daily pleasure to work in.

Fast forward to today and I have the pleasure of mixing and mastering songs for artists from all around the world. One of the most rewarding aspects is connecting with people and sharing in their excitement when hearing their song come to life. I think it's this and the drive to provide the best work possible that has contributed to the hundreds of satisfied artists and return clients over the years.

Mastering engineer in custom designed studio
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