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file formats guide

Here is a list of the file formats provided and when/how to use each.

Standard Delivery

44.1 / 24 - Distribution

Submit this file to TuneCore, DistroKid, or whichever distributor you use to submit your music to the marketplace and streaming platforms. If you plan on releasing this project on Bandcamp, utilize this file to take advantage of their admission of higher bit rate audio.

44.1 / 16 - Distribution

Submit this file to your distributor if they do not accept a 24 bit file.

MP3 Ref

The MP3 is intended for personal use only (small file size to download to your phone, etc.). Do not use this file to upload, or share your music for any formal release.

Additional Formats Available

48 / 16 - SoundCloud, YouTube

Use this file to submit to SoundCloud, as well as to provide to a video editor for video creation and eventual publication to YouTube.

48 / 16 - Instagram, Facebook

Use this file for videos that will be published on Facebook or Instagram. If you have a video you plan on posting to both Instagram/Facebook andYouTube, provide both respective files to the video editor and request two separate deliverables - one for YouTube with the Soundcloud/YouTube master, and one for Instagram/Facebook with the audio file replaced with the Instagram/Facebook master. 

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